A closer look at how you can better understand and prepare yourself

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I was exploring my Twitter feed and noticed one of my Twitter acquaintances mentioned his fear of…

A traumatic moment that will change your perspective on your work and career

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2020 began with major layoff news from three big companies, Mozilla, Digital Ocean, and VMware. Last year’s biggest highlight was from WeWork laying off 2400 employees around the world.

A few on Twitter are already posting that they are looking for new opportunities, while some are offering help in response

Listening for changes in network status and reading Wi-Fi info

Fun at the Chenab river (Pakistan) by Syed Mehdi Bukhari

In the first part of this article, we tried to understand how API changes since Android Version 7.0 (aka Nougat) have changed the way Android developers can listen to connectivity status change. …

Exploring API changes, restrictions, and recommendation

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Hunza (Pakistan) by Syed Mehdi Bukhari

We wanted to understand when the user enters or leaves concerned locations or Point of Interests (POI). It is easier said than done and we explored several solutions. Listening and keeping track of a Wi-Fi connection or disconnection status was one of the ways we wanted to try and test.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Many times, Android developers need to start implementing features even when the backend is not ready yet. An easier way is to ask the backend developer to create the API service and just send fake content for the sake of it. …

This talk was given at KTUG Munich Jan Meetup and later at GDG Android Meetup.

The primary motivation was to share our learnings with the community while using Kotlin Coroutines for an interesting use case we had in our project. We had constraints of parent-child setup, ensuring parent task completes gracefully in all cases and additionally overall timeout for all tasks. We are barely scratching the surface but I felt it might help others in making some better decisions if they know the different uses of certain CoroutineScopes.

You can find a video recording of the talk here:

You can find slides of the talk here:

Photo of Attabad Lake (Pakistan) by Sufyan

In the first part of this tutorial, we learned how to implement checks using LiveData and observe on UI level. If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest you read it first because the second part is a continuation of it.

In this article, we’ll try to explore how…

Beautifully decorated truck driving on the mighty Karakoram Highway in Pakistan (Photo by Mehtab Alam)

In our last project, we worked on a smartphone app to combat electric vehicle anxiety by understanding users’ needs, providing the owner with real-time data about their drives and offering a mechanism to compare suitable electric vehicles. In order to make that happen, tracking of driving behaviour through the app…

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